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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 29, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EST

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the best in people. more and more people help to push a car, get someone unstuck and that's very inspiring. maybe a lesson in snowfles. when we stick together, there's a lot of strength there. thank you. >> there you go. out there putting the money where the mouth is. >> amazing. we have to see how his back is tomorrow. >> well, we saw him jogging in that documentary. he is fit. he is fit. >> yep. -- captions by vitac -- that's going to do it for us. good to see you today. see you tomorrow? after a nap? >> i need one. >> cnn newsroom with alina cho. had to walk from penn station. >> that's 25 blocks. all right. yeah. >> yeah, it is. >> better get a car on the way back and get some rest, joe. nice to see you. good morning to you. 9:00 a.m. on the east coast. 6:00 a.m. in the west. good morning, everybody.
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i'mly that cho in for kyra phillips this week. here's the tori that have us talking this morning. anger is building in new york city where residents are outraged over impassable roads. they're asking three days after the storm, where are the snowplows? you'll hear from the mayor and his critics. also, airline rage. las vegas police say this 68-year-old man struck a teenage passenger on a flight because the boy couldn't turn off the iphone before takeoff. he charged with battery and said he did it to protect the passengers. disneyland may be more crowded than the airports these days. the california theme park had to turn away customers yesterday. for the second day in a row. disney officials say overcrowding, well, it is not that unusual during the holidays. but first, the christmas blizzard of 2010. the wind stopped howling but stranded passengers certainly
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have not. who can blame them? nearly 10,000 flights have been canceled since saturday. believe it or not, more than 1,300 canceled just yesterday. long after the storm ended. there's a look from the airports there and there's been plenty of misery. passengers aboard several international flights stuck on the tarmac at jfk airport in new york again. in fact, one korean air flight from seoul sat nearly nine and a half hours waiting for a gate. three other international flights from germany, mexico and france spent six and a half hours on the tarmac. we want to get the latest from susan candiotti live at jfk airport with more. so good morning, susan. what is going on? >> reporter: well, apparently, the same thing that happened yesterday, alina. not a fun night for any passengers aboard those flights that you mentioned that were stuck for six, seven, eight, nine hours aboard those aircraft
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because there was no gate for them to pull up to. what's the problem? apparently the same problem that they had yesterday. and that is this. that according to the port authority, which manages the airport in its entirety, to make sure that the runways are clear, this kind of thing, they're saying it's up to the individual airlines to make sure before they leave the point of or yin that there is a gate available for them when they land. and apparently they said we've been telling the airlines this since yesterday and keep telling them but in the words of the spokesman, quote, apparently it didn't help. well, that definitely seems to be the case so the question becomes, well, why once the planes are coming in to the certain -- to the gates, why aren't they being forced to move out? well, the same spokesman tells us, again, it's up to the airlines to tell them to leave and it gets very complicated here because he said it is up to the individual term call managers to do so. here at jfk, each terminal,
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domestic and international, is run privately. and so, there's a lot of finger pointing all the way around here to tell people to get on the ball and get things moving and clearly the spokesman acknowledges that more meetings are required. a master meeting sort to speak of everyone involved here. probably an alphabet soup of group of people to talk about correcting a problem because, obviously, it still exists. now, alina, there's a bright spot. we spent sometime in the terminal a little while ago and finding that now some of the airlines that are coming in, the passengers we have been speaking with said once they landed there's virtually no delay. they're coming in getting the bags, coming the terminal an moving on but this problem clearly at least in the overnight hours does not appear to be solved any time soon. certainly not since last night. not since all day yesterday. >> well, boggles the mind, susan. not like new york city hasn't
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seen a storm of this magnitude before. i don't know what's changed but certainly it's going to take more than a meeting. it takes some real changes. susan candiotti live at jfk airport, thank you. you may remember a passenger bill of rights went on the books in april. the rule punishing airlines with fines for keeping passengers on planes on the tarmac for more than three hours. those safeguards, however, do not apply to those international flights stuck at jfk. last night on "anderson cooper 360" we heard from an advocate of passenger rights. >> we know that no laws were broken here but were promises broke anna nicole your opinion? >> promises were broken. i was on a tarmac delay task force for a year and the port authority and the airports in the u.s. promised that they would never allow the kinds of situations that happened to jet blue four years ago happen again and here we are again. >> passenger rights advocates say a little planning can protect you.
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cancel your plans if really bad weather is approaching and pack necessities in the carry-on bag like food and water in case you're stuck on the tarmac. not just air travelers in lim limbo, many new yorkers say they're snow bound after a dismal response from the city they say. days later, they're asking, why's the snowplows? the anger is building. cnn's mary snow joins us from the streets of new york. mary, just how mad are new yorkers about this? >> reporter: alina, they're furious. and as you know, new yorkers don't shy away from showing their anger. what's also adding to their fury is seeing scenes like this on the street we're standing on right now in manhattan that is paved and the roads are getting back to normal. because outside of manhattan, it's a very different scene. city count cell members are very critical gnat response is unacceptable and the mayor is on the defense.
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in the boroughs outside manhattan, streets are still blanketed with snow. leaving new yorkers like lance owen of brooklyn on edge. >> years, years and years i have lived here and never have i seen it like this. >> reporter: emergency crews like in fire truck in manhattan faced challenging conditions. hundreds of buses still stuck and stranded by tuesday morning and there was this videotape of cars damaged by a plow. >> oh my god. >> reporter: the department of sanitation says the incident is you should investigation. a democrat of brooklyn and chairwoman of the sanitation committee scheduled a hearing into what happened and gives the city's response a failing grade starting with the mayor bloomberg. >> new yorkers are angry. to me, it is just another reflection of a mayor who's basically out of touch. >> reporter: asked about the response of angry new yorkers, the mayor said he's angry, too,
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adding the city is doing the best it can. >> we won't get to everybody every time. we'll make mistakes but we have to continue plugging ahead. yelling and complaining doesn't help. >> reporter: he wasn't the only politician under fire. in neighboring new jersey, governor chris christie, a rising star in the republican party, gained attention for the fact that he's on vacation while a state was hit with the blizzard and his lieutenant governor was vacationing, as well. leaving the state in the hands of the state senate president. >> they're both been gone. i mean, shouldn't they be taking care of the state? >> it's heart to talk bad about the governor because he's one of the greatest governors we ever had but i'm sure he's been in communication and the state's getting cleaned up. >> reporter: the governor's office answered criticism saying the response to the storm has been the same as it would be in other circumstances. adding, we are a northeastern state and we get plenty of snow, including heavy hits like this and we'll get through this just as we always have.
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and alina, elsewhere in new jersey, headlines of a different kind for another politician and that's the mayor of newark, new jersey, cory booker. he has been responding to messages on his twitter account from people who are asking for plows. and he's also taken a shovel and been out in the streets of newark and reportedly at one point even delivered diapers to a snowbound family. >> yes, he did. good for him, good for him. working through the night with the shovels. that's hard work, i hear. all right. mary snow on the streets of new york city, thank you so much. different kind of weather problem out west. more rain. as i said, more rain heading to southern california. still saturated. before the new system came in, a beachside bluff gave way. look at that. the collapse threatened a retaining wall but city
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engineers say homes are safe. as many as 600 volunteers came to the community to help residents clean up after last week's flood. residents were clearly grateful for the help. >> we feel very fortunate to have all the volunteers just help out, like, without getting paid. just trying to do something good for the community. >> well, it is not over yet. more wet weather expected for the west coast. let's get to jacqui jeras. is that true? say it isn't so. >> not looking good out west, unfortunately. pictures like we just saw and this one, unfortunately, are going to become all too common in the next couple of days. the ground is so saturated. add rain and the mountainsides and the hillsides is unstable. this is highway 330 to big bear. this road remains closed and they're concerned there are other areas along the highway now becoming compromised and may not be until the end of the winter before they're able to
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open this. we got this picture of cal trans. what's going on with this storm system? where is it? well, it's advancing down towards the south and pushing into southern california for the worst of the weather at this hour. you can see all that moisture streaming in from the pacific so we've got that subtropical connection. not quite as pineapple express like last go around and tremendous amount of moisture in there. look at this heavy rain across los angeles. when this line of showers and rain came through san francisco, it dumped about two to three inches so just to give you an idea of what to expect here for los angeles. starting to get spotty around las vegas and the snow in the sierras and the wasatch now. salt lake city with several inches of snow. ten inches of snow expected on to the benches. show you the storm system as a whole as it makes the way on to the shoreline and where it's heading. you can see the strong winds coming in back behind it and the wind will continue to be a huge story. we had gusts over 100 miles per hour last night in parts of
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nevada and expecting gusts today, especially over the ridge tops and the passes. could be 60, 70 miles per hour. be aware of that, on top of the snow and how much snow are we talking na ining about? two to three feet into the sierras and heads into the rockies late tonight and into tomorrow, we are talking about one to two feet of snow so quite a system that we're dealing with and that's really the big game in town. we values a little disturbance here across the south central parts of country and watching that for some rain showers today. dallas to memphis. nothing too heavy and enough to be a bit of a nuisance for people trying to drive around and travel around today. >> good for the skiers in that part of the country. >> oh, yeah. >> president obama as you know is vacationing in hawaii. what is the forecast there? >> ed henry with the primo assignment. mid-70s. nice. 80 degrees. >> you know what? if there's a little bit of rain in the forecast, good thing that
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president obama got his round of golf in because he did escape world pressures at least for a while. he took time for a relaxing round of golf. there he is in the cart there. this was yesterday as he continues that holiday hawaiian vacation. even on the links, president obama seems to need that motorcade for place to place, of course. not a bad chip. played golf with friends and probably wished he spent less time in the bunkers. ♪ yes, reporting on the president is clearly a full-time job. just ask cnn's ed henry. wait a minute. >> barefoot! >> apparently, the obama force didn't invite the correspondent to play golf so he -- >> had to do something else with his time. >> something else with the time. he is like a two-minute walk on the beach. you know that. he gets the assignment every
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year. he claims it's tough work. >> so many what ryan shi hawaii. decent shot of rain today. >> don't go golfing. go bowling today, maybe. the president did that a couple of days ago. all right. thank you so much. we'll check back with you later yoorks while the president golfed in hawaii, former president carter found a rewarding past time in the holiday vacation. it involved saving a sea turtle. we'll have details just ahead. hollywood classics, the library of congress is out with its analyst of movies to preserve for all time. some of the 25 on the list may surprise you. [ male announcer ] twenty-four hour stuck-on food can be a project. but cascade complete pacs have 70% more tough food cleaning ingredients to get the job done. cascade complete. beyond your wildest clean.
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time now to travel across the country. clark ston, michigan, a couple is helping a billboard will help them adopt a child. wendy and josh said they have been approved for adoption but it could take years. that is often the case so they're taking their message directly to perspective birth mothers hoping for a baby of their own. we wish them the best of luck. next stop, florida keys where former president carter took time from the holiday vacation to help out an endangered animal. he assisted in the release of a
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loggerhead sea hurtle named danger into the atlantic ocean. it was being treated at the local turtle hospital. finally in riverside, california, rebel the german shepherd put the nose where he shouldn't have. guess what. got stuck. take a look at that picture. well, took lots of gentle nudging to free rebel from the concrete wall there. no word on what prompted the 8-month-old the try to squeeze through, though. from hollywood blockbusters to little known documentaries the library of congress is out with the list of movies to preserve as a part of history. >> i rebuke you. >> no. i am your father. >> luke, i am your father. who could forget that moment? "the empire strikes back." one of the 25 films selected.
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joining us to talk about it this morning, stephanie zahara. stephanie, good morning. thanks so much for joining us. you know, there were some 2,100 entries this year. of course, every filmmaker wants their movie be a little part of history, if you will. when's the criteria of picking the 25 films? >> well, the films are chosenbye the librarian of congress and he's actually advised by the national film preservation board and that's a group of its filmmakers, it's movie industry people, actors, there's schol scholars, film critics and also the public can nominate choices that they would be interested in seeing included in the registry, as well. so, he has a lot of people to advise him. >> but they really have to have an artistic or historical significance, right? >> artistic, social, historical
9:20 am
significance. but also, the thing that's interesting about them is they're not necessarily the greatest movies in terms of all being "citizen kane" caliber. >> let's goat that. i was surprised to read that "airplane" was on the list. "saturday night fever," "the exorcist." what do you think makes these movies stand snout. >> these movies are like a snapshot of our movie going character as a country. so, that's why you have these comedies, things that people see on a saturday night. they have to be included, as well. >> that's right. any movies on the list that surprised you? you got to love that "saturday night fever" music by the way. >> i do. i do love that one. it does take me back. >> tell me, any surprises on the list? >> well, you know, my personal
9:21 am
favorite is "mccabe and mrs. miller" which is a film of 1971. it is a dreamy western. one of the rare westerns that's set in the snowy landscape and so incredibly beautiful to look at. it is a work of art and entertainment. so, that's something that should definitely be preserved. it is really, really beautiful film. >> any recent movies that think of in the past year or so that are sure bets to get on the list, maybe "avatar"? >> maybe "avatar." maybe "the social network" to quote a very recent example. possibly. >> that would be great. stephanie, chief film critic of thank you for talking to us about this. >> thank you. well, the name elian gonzalez sparks so me motions. whatever happened to the little boy who was caught in that
9:22 am
massive custody fight between the united states and cuba? find out next.
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welcome back. the drama surrounding his life played out on international television for weeks. two family factions, two countries fought over elian gonzalez's future right up to a final showdown. so whatever happened to the little boy? shasty darlington has an update from havana. >> reporter: you probably remember the face. elian gonzalez, the cun rafter boy at the heart of a politically-charged custody battle. elian was just 5 when a
9:26 am
smuggler's boat headed to the united states flipped over in the florida straits in november, 1999. his mother drowned. elian was found clinging to an intertube and handed over to relatives in south florida. but his father back in cuba demanded elian be repatrioted. america watched as a nasty tug of war played out in the media and ended with raid on his relatives' home in miami. ten years after elian returned to cuba, he says he feels no anger toward the family that tried to keep him in florida. even though they didn't help me in every possible way, he says, they didn't help me move forward, they're still my own family. i don't have anger for them. now 17, elian doesn't make many public appearances. but this summer he joined president castro on the anniversary of his home coming. thanks to a large part of the american public and to our
9:27 am
public, today i'm with my father and i feel happy here, he says. no longer a little boy, he attends a cuban military academy. two years ago he joined the elite union of communist youth. we century went to the modest house where he once lived. his grandmother answered the door. now he's a man, she said. a little man. he's studying, he's integrated. he has a normal life the way he wants. she said he gets top grades and has a steady girlfriend. they have moved to a house visitors can't easily read. shasty darlington, cnn, havana. a fun-filled day on the ski slopes turned into a terrifying ordeal on the ski lift. the wind blows, a cable slips and number of skiers fall 30 terrifying feet to the ground. the latest of a cnn league who
9:28 am
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opening bell on wall street ringing as we speak. why are airline prices going up again? alison kosik at the new york stock exchange with more on that. hey, alison. good morning. what's up with that? >> good morning. yep, those airlines are jacking up those airfares once again. several reports are saying that continental, united delta and american, they're all raising prices by ten buck farce one way and $20 far round trip ticket on many domestic routes. this was started with united and continental and reportedly kicked off the latest round of increases and usually what happens when one airline raises their fares, other airlines go ahead and follow their lead. they're not giving any official reason why they're doing this but rising oil prices likely the
9:32 am
culprit. oil prices heading higher for three months. prices today are slipping a bit but they're hovering just below two-year high. most analysts think oil will continue to go up into the next year. keep in mind, fuel is the airline industry's biggest expense. meantime, airlines are likely to lose millions of dollars from the blizzard that we're still digging out of. one estimate puts it at $150 million since 8 million flights canceled over the last few days. the industry had a great year. over $7 billion in profits is what the airline industry raked in. $900 million from checked bag fees. how does that make you feel? most profitable year in a decade for the airlines. and even the airline stocks, they're up big in 2010 and having a great year. alina? >> how much for airline baggage fees again, alison? that's incredible. >> in the millions of dollars.
9:33 am
talking $900 million from the nickelling and diming us with the extra bags. let's talk about how stocks are doing. they're doing pretty well right now. the dow up 25. the nasdaq higher by four. expecting another quietdy here at new york stock exchange at the people are on a vacation and digging out from the blizzard. >> let's hope for another santa claus rally in the final year of the year. alison, thank you. and here's some of the story that is have us talking this morning. going to take a lot of time to break the logjam of stranded travelers after the blizzard that battered the northeast. major airlines canceled nearly 10,000 flights since saturday stranding passengers. worst hit, jfk airport in new york where some international flights sat on the tarmac up to 11 hours before passengers could finally get to the gate. in miami, police arrested a
9:34 am
man when some small explosions went off in a bag. turns out that primer caps for bullets ignited slightly injuring a handler. police charged the man with transporting hazardous materials. a lead actress in the musical "spider-man" quit according to "the new york times." she had a concussion if the first preview performance. she is one of okfour actors. she is working on an exit agreement of the production which is having several accidents. in new york, the blizzard is over but a new storm is brewing. residents are furious that streets are still clogged and entire neighborhoods are snow bound. they say they have witnessed worse storms but not a more dismal response from the city. chris knowles live in brooklyn, new york. where the complains are louder. good morning to you, first of all. it does seem like manhattan has
9:35 am
cleared out a lot but in the outer bo ross, like brooklyn, that's where the real problems are, right? >> reporter: yeah. we certainly have a big problem here in park slope, alina. the situation, a path now that was not cut out by city workers. this is something that residents did to get out of their homes and apartments. 24 inches of snow fell and now just packed in all along here in park slope, brooklyn. just a few minutes ago, we got to get some pictures of the first plows that have been in this area since the storm hit some 48 hours ago. and they ended up pushing snow on car that is the folks here had dug out and now they're once again plowed in with several feet of snow. we're back here live now with a gentleman named henry. how are you doing this morning? gotten the toyota van out. how are you making snout. >> digging out a little opinion the side and apparently i can't
9:36 am
make it out. i have to get to work. i'm waiting far sanitation truck to come to get to work and hopefully. i got get to work. three days. i got to get to work. >> reporter: you have done a tremendous job. you know what will happen with the plow down the street. >> i will have to dig again ena major workout again and hopefully make it to work. >> reporter: you talked about renting cars? >> i was going to rent a car. walking down the block. but apparently i saw that the plow, he said he was coming around the corner and still waiting. so i might go rent a car again. >> reporter: the mayor told people to be patient and go see a broadway show. you been to see -- >> broadway show? i have bills to pay. i have kids to feed and a lot of bills. and i have to get to work. i have to get to work. >> reporter: hang in there, man. i wish you luck. been several days. take care of yourself. you know, the city is going to hold some hearings on january 10th to figure out what went wrong. this is new york city. we've seen snow before.
9:37 am
and a lot of it. this time, they've left it here and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, alina. >> i don't understand it. i mean, the city is normally -- the mayor is normally so wonderful in the response to storms and streets are cleared out like nobody's business. but this time around, it's just mind boggling. we have sanitation workers working around the clock. i don't know what's going on. anyway, chris knowles, thank you. >> reporter: something happened at the beginning -- >> go ahead. >> reporter: something must have happened at the beginning of the storm to delay the trucks. seems to be the key to this storm. >> got it. all right. chris knowles unlocking the mystery. thank you for joining us from brooklyn. we have new details on a terrifying ski lift accident in maine. it happened yesterday. broke here right on our air on cnn. investigators now want the know why a cable slipped from it pulley at the popular sugarloaf ski resort. some people fell, you know, as
9:38 am
many as nine people fell 30 feet to the ground. another 200 ski erss left in the strong win. among those trapped on the crippled lift is up on own cnn colleague rob atkinson. he's back on the mountain this morning. he joins us now. rob, in fact, i know that you went up to the mountain and spoke to the resort spokesman about potentially what may have caused all of this, right? what did he did tell you? >> yeah. alina, i got off the phone with ethan austin, the preliminary findings by the main board of elevator and tramway safety indicate that wind was the cause of the cable derailment. that stranded as many as 220 people, including myself and injured up to 9 people, including 3 kids. the official report will be released later today and, you know, ethan wanted to express how saddened the resort is. everybody's taken this to heart here. everybody considers the guests who come to the mountain part of the family so something like
9:39 am
this is just devastating. >> i know you have a cab in there and going up there for years. spending the week there for this week and going back up on the slopes today. good for you. having said that, anybody that skis certainly can only imagine what that must feel like. so take me back to that moment. that you were on that lift. you had gotten on. you did a run and you just had to get one more run in and then stuck with your wife. what did you see? what did you feel? >> well, when we got on the lift, it was a series of starts and stops. the lift kept stopping. it was really breezy. 8 degrees and the wind gusting as much as 30 to 50 miles per hour. we got about three quarters of the way up and all of a sudden we stopped and it started to move a little bit again and then there was a jerk, a bump and then screams. i looked out of the corner of my eye and saw five cars crash to
9:40 am
the ground. and it was scary because i was on the tower right before the accident happened. everybody after the tower was either dangling like a yo-yo or on the ground and so we were bracing ourselves for what was next. my wife and i were starting to make backup plans, if it goes down, what do you do? throw your poles? throw the skis? what's the best way to protect yourself? up 40, 50 feet is no real good answer, i don't think. >> tell me how did you get off the lift, robb? >> they used -- if you have mountain climbed before or rock climbed, you know, series of ropes and pulleys they use to get you up there, you know, when you're climbing a rock wall. it's a same kind of system. they actually tied a -- they had a rope and tied it to a stick with a weight and through the stick 50 feet up in the air and over the cable. once the rope had gone over the cable, they kind of brought up to us a little swing a harness
9:41 am
over our shoulders and then we had to slide out on to the swing 50 feet above the air and lowered us down. it was amazing. they were unbelievable here at sugarloaf. obvious they planned for this. that they trained for this. they had us down about an hour and a half. it was a listening time and could have been much worse. >> that's incredible. but for the person dangling from the rope, what a beautiful photo that is. you know, i'm just wondering, have you spoken to other people on the slopes there? are they jittery today? how are you kids? how do they feel about all of this? >> they're in ski school right now. >> i guess they don't care. >> you know, when i got down to them, they were asking for lunch. they didn't even care about our accident. >> exactly. >> but, you know, the mountain is full. there's 22 inches of fresh powder up here. the lifts are full. the mountain is bustling. business as usual. you know, the folks here at
9:42 am
sugarloaf, you know, to their credit, they're addressing people's concerns going in at guest services. if you have a question, they're happy to answer it. but for the most part, business as usual and enjoying the slopes although i don't think that lift is opened for quite sometime until they figure this out. >> i would guess that would be the case. i know they're investigating what happened officially so robb atkinson, i thank you so much. good luck on the slopes today. let's hope you don't have a repeat of yesterday. i certainly don't think that's going to happen but best of luck to you. >> if i do, i'll -- >> please do. please do. call in. all right. robb atkinson from sugarloaf in maine where there was a terrifying ski lift accident yesterday. a man snoops on the cheating wife. she may have cheated but he could go to jail. going to tell you what happened just ahead.
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it may be time to ask your doctor the right question. could i have lupus?
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here's a story that got our attention today. a husband suspicious that his wife is cheating hacked into her
9:46 am
e-mail account. she was the cheater but now he faces a series of felony counts and up to five years in jail and you won't believe who the wife was cheating with. kim bore of michigan affiliate wdiv has details. >> reporter: 33-year-old leon walker of rochester hills logs on the his wife's e-mail account. he didn't see anything wrong with it. he'd done it before. >> what don't you share in a marriage? she'd asked me to read the e-mails before. gave me the passwords before. >> reporter: he is in the process of divorce. walker, a computer technician, said the e-mails revealed a affair with her second husband. worried for his daughter's safety, walker turns the e-mails over to his wife's first husband with whom she also shares a child. >> he took action with the courts to have his son protected and i took action to have my daughter protected. >> reporter: his wife clara called police.
9:47 am
the prosecutor's office charging walker with a five-year felony. >> i feel the actions taken against me are wrong on so many levels. >> reporter: he hired an attorney. >> i find it so hard to believe that our legislature would enact a law and say, you know what? if husbands an wives reading the e-mail, that's a priority for us. we have to stop that. >> reporter: we are told the oakland county prosecutor stands behind the decision. walker maintains he was prote protecting his child. >> do i think it was wrong? it's a burning house do. you kick the door open or let it burn? i did what i felt was absolutely necessary. >> this husband/wife e-mail hacking story got us talking this morning. earlier, our kiran chetry talked to paul callen and psychologist jeff gardere about the merits of the case. >> this is a michigan prosecutor using this statute as we said before that has not been applied
9:48 am
to domestic cases in the past. what do you think? >> wow. this is a highly unusual use of a criminal statute. all 50 states have law that is prohibit computer hacking and usually when they prosecute the cases, it's some technological guy who's broken into a big company's computer system and damaged it or stolen something. >> right. but are you hacking if you know the password. >> that's the question and the prosecutor here said that this husband who was looking at his wife's e-mail by using her password without her permission violated the criminal statute and could go to prison for five years if convicted by a jury on the case. >> morally speaking he says that the reason to do this is because she had a son with her first husband, the second husband is the one that she was apparently cheating with and the third husband did the hacking. he wanted to warn the first husband that she was cheating with the second husband because their child, he felt, was at risk. >> what came first, the chicken or the egg here?
9:49 am
did he suspect that she was cheating or was it that he suspected that something may have been going on and the child was perhaps at risk? bottom line here, and i think you and i may disagree on this, i really do not believe morally, ethically, spiritually, relationshipwise that you should be reading the e-mails of your spouse even if you think that they may be cheating. >> so what are your thoughts on this story? should it be illegal to read your spouse's e-mail? should that man go to jail? i'll read some of your responses later on in the show. alaska senator murkowski could be sworn in as early as next week ending a long and bitterly contested battle. a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging her write-in election win last month. state officials are scheduled to
9:50 am
certify the election this morning. her opponent meanwhile, joe miller, finished second in the voting and brought the lawsuit. he says he's now considering his next step. embattled congressman rangel is seeking donations to pay for the ongoing and possibly future legal bills. he was censured by the house for violating ethics rules and faces a new complaint of violating election loss. he says a house panel authorized the funding for his trust. >> we could be paying 5 bucks for a gallon of gas as early as 2012. cnn's primetime program "parker spitzer" focused on this motorist nightmare last night. >> we have done nothing in the 111th congress to improve the supply side of hydrocarbons that
9:51 am
we need every day in the economy. we use 20 million barrels of oil every day, 10,000 gallons a second. in 2008, when we had the last oil price spirk we had all of this drill baby drill rhetoric going around the country. we did nothing. we have had an anti-hydrocarbon administration that has proven by their actions that they would rather work on wind and solar and bio fuels. that's where the federal money is going, and let the oil industry, the coal industry drift. >> you can catch "parker spitzer" every week night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. speaking of high gas prices, protests erupt in bow livia after fuel prices skyrocket. that's what it looked like. gas prices shot up almost 75% in bolivia.
9:52 am
we'll tell you why next in your morning pass sport. re stunning , exhilarating to drive and worry free to own. celebrate this holiday season with the gift of platinum. jaguar platinum coverage: five years or 50,000 miles of complimentary scheduled maintenance, and no cost replacement of wear and tear items. visit your jaguar dealer during the platinum celebration for a $599 lease offer on the 2011 xf.
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9:54 am
in your morning passport this morning, south america, where angry protesters are taking to the street in bolivia. that happened after gas prices jumped 73% and diesel prices shot up more than 80%. protesters furious after freezing prices for six years and subsidizing the cost, the
9:55 am
government abruptly changed course, changed its policy, to save money. >> we're indignant. how is this possible? the money we make is not going to be enough to get our daily bread. >> i wish i could go to the market with one of the government ministers so they could she how much we can buy with the money we make. now to the uk where prince william and kate middleton say they don't want to be waited on hand and foot. how about that? the royal couple who will get married in april says when they do get married, they will have no maids, no butlers and servants during their first three years of marriage. by contrast, prince charles has a staff of 150 people. italy, wisconsin singers performed for pope benedict in vatican city today. members of the badger state
9:56 am
gir girls choir are on their first international tour. what a debut. girls who are all middle and high school students have another performance during mass at saint peters basilica. we're following lots of developments in the next hour of cnn newsroom. let's check in first with susan candiotti at new york's jfk airport. hi. snow and slush aren't the only things that are messy out here at jfk. for the second day in a row, hundreds and hundreds of passengers spent up to nine hours on the tarmac because their planes couldn't find any space at the gate. i'll have a live report come up. >> more on the snowstorm that wreaked havoc on streets but also on the budgets. we'll also take a look at your budget and your savings heading into 2011 in the next hour. i'm elizabeth cohen in miami
9:57 am
and i'm going to tell you about a new study that tells you that the length of a man's fingers may have something to do with whether or not he'll get cancer. it sounds odd. i'll explain at the top of the hour. >> thank you, guys. it was a single olympic hockey game 30 years ago, but it captivated the entire world. who could forget the miracle on ice game? a group of 20-somethings pulled off the impossible, an amazing upset over the russians. we'll talk to the captain of the u.s. team, the man who scored the winning goal to see what he's doing now. up to get to e xt level. yeah, i li ...i should probably brag about th a little t. the projected resale value... it beats the camry. 33 miles per gallon on the highway. wow. e sync system... gps correct. phone.
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10:00 am
it is 10:00 a.m. on the east coast, 7:00 a.m. on the west. good morning. i'm alina cho in for kyra phillips this week. anger is building in new york city where residents are outraged over impassable roads. they are asking three days after the storm, where are the snowplows? you'll hear from the mayor and
10:01 am
his critics live. also airline rage -- las vegas police say this 68-year-old man struck a teenaged passenger on a flight because the boy wouldn't turn off his iphone before takeoff. the man was charged with battery. said he did it to protect the plane. disneyland may be more crowded than the airport these days. the california theme park actually had to turn away customers yesterday for the second day in a row. disney officials say overcrowding is not that unusual during the holidays. but, first, the christmas blizzard of 2010. the wind has stopped howling, but stranded airline passengers certainly not and who can blame them. nearly 10,000 flights cancelled since saturday, and, believe it or not, more than 1300 cancelled just yesterday, long after the storl, and, today, more misery. passengers aboard several international flights were stuck
10:02 am
on the tarmac at jfk airport in new york. just look at your screen there. one korean air flight from seoul sat nearly 9 1/2 hours waiting for a gate, and three flights from germany, mexico and france sent 6 1/2 hours on the tarmac. we want to get the latest from susan candiotti, live for us at jfk airport with more. susan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alina. it's a head scratcher, isn't it? they just can't seem to get this problem resolved at least not yet but for the second day in a row, terrible, terrible delays where airplanes are landing but no place to go. no gates have been open. so, as you indicated, some airlines spent up to 9 hours on the tarmac here at jfk before they were able to pull up to a gate, and in one odd situation, one plane sat there so long, a plane coming in from china that the flight crew ran out of hours, so they couldn't pull the
10:03 am
plane up to the gate when one became available and they had to get a truck to tow it in. imagine that. the problem seems to be this, according to the port authority, airlines have been told repeatedly airlines should not be taking off unless they have a gate assigned to them here at jfk and despite the fact that the port authority says they have been telling the airlines this, it keeps happening. they're saying apparently their warnings aren't leping, at least not yet. so, they are, in fact, calling for meetings to be held to try to resolve this issue. you recall, alina, there was this passenger bill of rights where no one can stay on a plane on a tarmac for two to three hours but that applying only to domestic flights, not international. the airport is saying we can't just pull a truck up or a bus up to an airplane and bring them into the terminal if it's an international flight because we can't herd people into an open
10:04 am
space somewhere in the terminal without any security because these people have to go through customs. so clearly there needs to be better communication with the airlines so the problem can be avoided in the future. they do have another runway open here at jfk, so they are hoping the delays will ub side as the day goes on, and we're hearing that anecdotally as the flights come in now. >> i mean, when you have passengers on the ground for 11 hours waiting for a gate. there are exceptions to every rule. they have to fix this. susan candiotti, thank you. there are plenty of problems on the ground as well. new yorkers are furious that streets are still clogged and entire neighborhoods are snowbound three days after the storm. they say they have seen worse storms. i certainly have, but have never witnessed a more dismal response from the city. chris knowles is live for us again in brooklyn, new york, where the complaints seem to be
10:05 am
getting louder. just how bad is it there, chris? >> reporter: here is one of the most serious situations that can happen after a snowstorm in new york city when you can't get to the streets to plow them. you can see behind me, firefighters are here on the scene. down the block, they received a phone call, and, take a look. the plows were only able to get about so far down this street and then they couldn't. there are at least one and i think now two taxi cabs that are blocking the plows. so what's happening here is the firefighters got off from their engine unit and walked all of the way down the block. we're not sure what type of emergency situation they are responding to but they couldn't even get their trucks close to the home where there was a problem. they walked down the block with shovels, oxygen tanks, carrying their heavy equipment down the street to see if they can get to their home. if we find out what the situation is, we will report on that as the day progresses but
10:06 am
the bottom line is this is what happens two days after the last snow fell, monday morning, about quarter after 6:00, the last flakes, 24 inches here in brooklyn. with the snow, as they make their way down the side streets, you can see what happens to the cars. on top of the car, the blowing snow. this is lighter. this is in the a big issue on getting off but the stuff packed in down around the engine and the wheel wells, these cars aren't going anywhere fast. in new york city, we have alternate side parking. that has been suspended, and we have no word on when they're going to lift that. hopefully they'll give these drivers time to get their car out. we have seen some drivers able to dig out their individual cars only to have them plowed in time and time again as these plows begin to make their way. the good news is we have begun to see plows in park slope,
10:07 am
brooklyn. the bad news down this street and other streets, the plows are stuck and there is is no way for the plows to come through until those cars big themselves out. >> the silver lining is the man you spoke to in the last hour could con get to work, at least he has a legitimate excuse. new york city's mayor michael bloomberg first defended the city's response to the snowstorm but then as the nightmare stories piled up, he conceded that there were, in deed, some short comings. he says new yorkers need to recognize how massive the challenges are. >> we won't get to everybody every time. we will make mistakes, but we have to continue plugging ahead. yelling about it and complaining doesn't help. . >> that's for sure, but as far as blame, there's plenty to go around. new york city council member christine quinn usually sides with the mayor but calls the
10:08 am
response the worst in memory. chris joins me now. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> i know you called this response to the storm unacceptable. what do you think happened this time? >> well, i don't think we know exactly what happened. that's why we're oops going to have emergency oversight hearings in the city council in january. clearly what happened didn't happen right. we have a situation here where streets haven't see plows, some for days. main parts of manhattan were not plowed 24 hours after the storm. this was a big storm, it was a tough storm. the snow came down fast. the wind blew hard but almost every other storm in memory, the city has done so much better than this. we need to figure out exactly what happened so we can change what happened so it never happens again because it's just not acceptable for people in park slow today on wednesday to just be seeing plows coming by. that's just not the level of service we give in new york city. >> if i know you and i do know
10:09 am
you a little bit, i know you have been out on the streets talking to those new york city residents, and what are they telling you? is there one particular nightmare story that sticks out? >> you know, people are mad. people are patient and they unz storms are tough, but people are mad and they have every right to be mad and i really understand that anger, and they're also confused because every other storm we've had in recent memory, the department of sanitation and the city have done yeoman's work. last february's storm, we had more snow than this and didn't have any really significant problems at all. so people are angry and confused and want to make sure it doesn't happen again and want their streets cleaned to go about their lives. >> have you seen sanitation trucks out on the streets? what in your estimation is the biggest problem right now? >> you know, i think in hindsight we started too late.
10:10 am
the snow came down faster than anticipated. why we didn't know that from a mee meetsological perspective, i don't know. there is this question of cars, why are there so many cars stuck in the road and that requires us to do an analysis of our snow emergency rules. are they triggered at the right time are they the right kind of regulations? we have to understand what has happened that now snowplows are getting stuck. i have no memory of that ever happening before. we have to do a real analysis with the mta. 1,000 buses. that shouldn't happen even in a storm like this. >> the mayor of new york, as you know, chris, really normally responds quickly and well. those streets are plowed so quickly, you know, overnight, and it boggles the mind. anyway, i appreciate you coming in. i know you never take more than a day off. so try to take a day off this
10:11 am
week, if you can. enjoy the holiday. happy new year. >> you, too. >> kwis quinn, thank you for joining us. new jersey's governor is taking heat largely because he was vacationing in florida while his state was buried under snow. that has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. they say chris christie should have cut his family trip to disney world short. the lieutenant governor was also vacationing, and that left the city council president to deal with the challenges. the governor says the response to the storm was not affected. we are a northeastern state, and we get plenty of snow including heavy hits like this, and we'll get through this just as we always have. two coasts and two types of weather. while people are dinging out of the snow, they're dig out of the mud in the west. after last week's terrible storms, california is it getting another round of rain. jacqui jeras has a look a the
10:12 am
that. both coasts are getting socked. >> things are better in the east. the snow is on the ground and you have to deal with the cleanup but the weather event over with and nice warming expected in parts of the east so our focus remains out west where rain will be a huge issue and snow in the higher elevations. a live picture out of los angeles where the temperature is 51 degrees, moderate rain coming down. you're under a flood advisory and a wind advisory. you could get a good inch or more of rain in downtown los angeles, making for wet streets. sunset boulevard is what you are looking at there. we are concerned about travel and the threat from mud slides, landslides and rock likes. take a look at salt lake city this morning. what a beautiful picture of the wasatch range there. you are 37 in the city but you are going to change over to snow in the next couple of hours, and you can see had to 10 inches in the valleys and more than a foot in the higher el vagus.
10:13 am
this is really a very potent storm system with a subtropical connection, not quite the pineapple connection we had last week but ample moisture moving into the region. you are done in san francisco but our focus in southern parts of california and moving into the inner mountain west. winds with gusts over 100 miles per hour last night in nevada. today we could see winds up to 75 miles per hour gusting into parts of south california and we will be concerned about that. talk about accumulations. we could see several inches of rain. one to three feet of snow expected in the wasatch and two feet in the rockies by tomorrow. this is the storm system we will continue to watch. the only good thing is as it makes its way towards the east it will pick up a southerly wind
10:14 am
and bring the temperatures up but we have to watch for a potential of flooding in the northeast. if we melt too much too fast and get rain on top, we could have flooding. >> it just piles on. we will check back with you later. actress reese witherspoon has exciting plans in the works, and we're not talking about work. we will tell you what's ahead for the oscar winning star next in your showbiz update. join the jaguar platinum celebration ! come celebrate exciting cars that are stunning to look at, exhilarating to drive and worry free to own. celebrate this holiday season with the gift of platinum. jaguar platinum coverage: five years or 50,000 miles of complimentary scheduled maintenance, and no cost replacement of wear and tear items. visit your jaguar dealer during the platinum celebration
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17 minutes after the hour. the show reportedly will not go on for at least one actress in the new "spiderman" musical on broadway. seems to be cursed. she is quitting. natalie mendoza is still shaken by an accident that injured her back on december 20th. she is one of four actress injured during aerial stunts during the show. most recently, christopher
10:18 am
tyranny was injured when he fell more than 20 feet after his safety harness came loose. mendoza sustained a concussion when she was struck in the head by a rope while standing off stage. "spiderman" has delayed its opening for a fourth time. natalie portman, leann rimes and hugh hefner all recently announced their engagement, and another person has also announced an engagement. reese witherspoon, yesterday dating jake gyllenhaal and now getting married to someone else. >> jim toth, an agent for -- >> her agent. >> he is not zaktly is her agent. >> they have dating for a while. >> for a year. she started dating him after jake gyllenhaal.
10:19 am
>> they got serious pretty fast. >> she tells us weekly they are extremely happy and they are going to have the best wedding ever. they seem like a very normal couple. >> as normal as you can be. >> for hollywood. >> love is in the air for kelsey grammer, who is just getting out of a contentious relationship himself but he's getting married again? >> he's getting married again. it's his fourth marriage. >> four. >> but he's still married to camille. that can't be finalized until january 6th. >> listen, she's had her own fame recently on "house wives of beverly hills" which i hear is a great show. >> did you see the dinner party. >> no. i have to look it up on youtube or something. >> even after that, through their divorce she is supposed 20 get an estimated $50 million.
10:20 am
can you believe that? >> forbes is out with its slebtd 100 list, and oprah is back on top. >> she is. she is always. oprah is just doing her thing. the oprah winfrey network. she is reportedly at an estimated $315 million. >> in the past three months. >> isn't that ridiculous? >> who else is on the top? >> rounding out four, beyonce is number two with 87 million, and three is james cameron. >> of "avatar" fame. >> and we have lady gaga down to number four. don't cry for her, $62 million. she's going to do okay. >> debuting at number four, and rounding out the number five is shockingly tiger woods and will smith drops off the top five. >> yeah. >> thank you for being here.
10:21 am
>> thank you for having me. >> julian moore has taken on a real life role helping children in need. my interview with her is next. ♪ e way moms would. happybaby strives to make e wthe best organic baby food. in a business like ours, personal connections are so important. we use our american express open gold card to further those connections. last year we took dozens of trips using membership rewards points to meet with the farmers that grow our sweet potatoes and merchants that sell our product. we've gone from being in 5 stores to 7,500. booming is using points to make connections that grow your business. [ male announcer ] breathe, socket. just breathe. we know it's intimidating. instant torque. top speed of 100 miles an hour. that's one serious machine. but you can do this. any socket can. the volt only needs about a buck fifty worth of charge a day,
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10:24 am
in my special series "big stars big giving" for actress julian moore, it's impressions from her childhood that inspired her to give back. she moved around a lot as a kid and saw things she couldn't forget. bood schools and poor 2345ibds and children living in poverty and now inspires her to work with save the children to help lift kids out of poverty one book at a time. >> when people say, how did you become involved? are you acting as a mother? i say, no, it's what i saw as a
10:25 am
child. >> before she was a glamorous actress, she was just a kid, an army brat. >> we moved a lot, and you change schools, a completely new environment, and what you learn pretty quickly as a kid moving around the united states is that it's not all created equal. everybody should have the same opportunity. >> she moved around so much it was hard to keep friends, so books became her constant compani companion. >> the one thing i say about reading is you can do anything if you can read. >> you do it, you did it! >> that passion for reading inspired her work as an artist ambassador with save the children where she spends time working on educational programs for the poor. you were very focused on helping people here in the united states. >> it's not that i don't believe
10:26 am
there are many, many needy causes all over the world, but i do believe that just in terms of poverty in our country, often people hide in plain sight. because we have so much in the united states, sometimes it's a refusal to acknowledge what's going on right here. >> one in five children lives in poverty. >> one in five children in the united states lives in poverty. people are shocked to know that. once upon a time, there was a little girl just like everybody else. >> for more, one key way to lift kids out of poverty is education. you mentioned literacy. that's something close to your heart. you have written two books which i have read. >> it didn't take long, a quick read. >> children's books about freckle-faced strawberry, a nickname she hated as a child. the moral, look beyond what's on the surface.
10:27 am
you are well known. how do kids respond to you? >> kids don't care. if i have justin bieber, for example, that would be exciting. >> but she's a celebrity that can and wants to make a difference. >> if we are going to set an example, we need to help everybody here. we need to bring everybody to the same place and then be very effective in the rest of the world. >> just a lovely woman doing great things in the world. in our series "big stars big giving" continues tomorrow. edward norton creating what he calls the facebook of philanthropy and inspiring a new generation to give back by doing it their way -- on the web. do you believe in miracles? back in 1980 giddy americans everywhere answered yes. team usa stunned the soviets and charmed the world. it was more than a hockey game. it was the miracle on ice. we'll talk to the man who scored the winning goal, find out what
10:28 am
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bottom of the hour now. here are some of the stories that have us talking this morning. in miami, florida, police arrested a man when some small explosions went off inside a bag as handlers unloaded it. the bomb squad was called in.
10:31 am
primer caps for bullets ignited. police have charged the man with transporting hazardous materials. overcrowding at disneyland. the california theme park had to turn away customers for the second day straight. disney officials say overcrowding actually not all that unusual during the holidays. no surprise here, going to take time to break the logjam of stranded travellers follows the blizzard that battled the northeast. nor airlines cancelled nearly 10,000 flights since saturday. worst hit, jfk airport where international flights sat on the tarmac for 11 hours before passengers could get off. the holiday blizzard along the east coast is certainly a budget buster for cities. the huge snowstorm is the last thing strapped cities needed to button up 2010. snow removele overtime, it all
10:32 am
adds up. poppy harlow is here to talk about it. we are all trying to pinch pennies these days, including cities. this is the last thing they need, isn't it? >> reporter: right. the last thing they need. look, this happened on a sunday, so they had to pay all of their workers, most of them overtime, anyway, and it happened on a holiday weekend, so cities that are already cash strapped paying a lot to get it cleaned up. here in new york city, watching the coverage, there were asking anyone at home who had a snowplow to come help. they were hiring private contractors. let's look at the map. dan bury, connecticut, the mayor calling it a budget buster. 18 inches of snow they got, and they're expecting it to cost almost half a million dollars. cranston, it will cost the city $150,000, but the worst hit in all of new jersey was a town
10:33 am
called rahway, new jersey, they got 32 inches of snow and they have no idea how much this is going to cost them. they're hoping to get federal aid because no matter how much snow falls or how little money they have, they have no choice, they have to clean up the snow and pay people to do that. this isn't just happening along the northeast. of course it is from the snow but minnesota, since november, 40 inches of snow, six snow emergencies in the past two months. they budget $2 million a year, and they have already spent $1 million over that budget, and it is only december. it snows in minnesota until april. >> uh-oh. everybody is scrambling to pay for their health care plans and 401(k) plans.
10:34 am
what do we need to know about pa? >> city budgets strapped and your personal budget possible strapped. take a look at the 401(k), specifically, this is one of the best ways that you can save if you don't contribute aurkd you should heading into next year. that should be your new year's resolution. under 50 years old, you can give 16500. you can play catch up and donate 22,000 a year. you can do it, your spouse can do it. look at company matches. this is very important, if your employer watches, you want to always contribute up to at least the amount they match. this is essentially free money for you. what this lets you do is increase your income in a sense without paying for taxes until you take this money out at the end, and, of course, you get a tax break on your 401(k). three to five years, that's what it's going to take for your money to usually vest from the
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company match. so if you leave your job after say two years you may not get the full company match but a lot more than if you didn't meet the company match. finally, yes we asked the exper when you should start contributing. they say in your 20s. if you start then, you can contribute 8 to 10% of your income every year and be set to retire by age 65 which a lot of people can't do. if you start in your 40s urgs you have to contribute 20% to retire on time. >> good tips. it was february, 1980. to say it was a time of uncertainty is an understatement. just three months earlier, 52 u.s. citizens were taken hostage in iran, and we watched the news night after night feeling helpless. an oil embargo led to a severe gas shortage and long lines at the pumps, and after the soviet invasion of afghanistan, there
10:36 am
was talk about the boycott of the 1980 summer olympics in moscow and then the miracle on ice, the u.s. olympic hockey team took on the soviet union in the semifinals of the winter olympics in lack placid. their opponent, the team that had won olympic gold every time since 1964, the soviet union. taking a shot at the impossible almost no one thought they could do it. that is, until they did. it the score team usa bet team ussr 4-3, a game that's been officially recognized as the number one sports moment of the 20th century, and joining us now is the captain of that legendary team usa, mike. euzione, and he lives in the boston area and joins us from there to tell us what he's up to. it's a thrill to talk to you. my dad played hockey in high
10:37 am
school and college. i've never been on the ice. don't hold that against me. having said that, this is probably my first olympic memory, but there are a lot of people maybe too young to remember this 30 years ago. take me back to that moment. what you do remember about it today? >> i think i remember most the atmosphere in the arena and in the locker room as a team, enjoying it and cherishing the opportunity to have it and represent our country and to compete in the olympic games. at the time we had no idea what was going on around us and that the country was watching the way they were. 30 years later, people come up and tell me a story about what it meant to them. still a pretty special moment to a lot of people. >> we need to remind our viewers this was so much more than a game. i don't think it's an understatement to say freedom versus communism, and a sliver of the cold war being played out on a sheet of ice. did you feel that when you were playing the game? >> not really.
10:38 am
>> really? >> we knew the atmosphere in the arena was patriotic and it was a great honor to represent your country. to us it was a hockey gape, an opportunity for us to capture one of greatest medals you can achieve in sports, the gold medal. >> tell us what you are up to. you are the direct we of special outridge at boston unit. i'm a b. krnchts grad and i won't hold that against you. you coach hockey at your high school amount ma matter, don't you? >> i do. we had a first win last night. that was kind of nice. i have been doing a lot of things over the years alina. i'm an ambassador for ritz carlton properties and dan jansen, bonnie blair, olympic speed skaters and i started our own company. we partnered with a natural products company that deals with nutrition and weight loss and looking to start our own team.
10:39 am
i have never been in this venture. it's kind of exciting for dan, bonnie and i to help people as you get older but the right products in our system. we're looking for the next challenge for us. >> talk about three iconic sports figures to team up. do you still play hockey? >> once in a while, i'll play on a monday night with my buddies. it's a young guy's game and not fun chasing 22-year-olds around the ice. >> what about your former teammates? are you in touch with them? >> i keep up with jack owe callahan the most. i played with him and against him in summer league games in high school. they have a daughter getting married in two days, and jack's coming in for the wedding. i'm looking forward to spending time with him. when we get together, and it's hard to get everybody together, we don't talk that much about olympics. we talk about what we're doing
10:40 am
now, where we're going and what's happening in our lives. >> i have to ask, is it tough for you? >> you're a motivational speaker and you talk to people all over the country but is it tough when you hear, gosh, you're a man known for that one goal? do you still get that? >> yeah, once in a while i get it but you know what, i tell people, it's a big goal. i think everybody in their lives gets an opportunity, and it's what you do with an opportunity. >> our teammates and i had an opportunity to do something special. during the game i had an opportunity to contribute and help out and score a big goal that led to our victory. it wasn't about me or herb brooks. it was about 20 guys that worked hard to accomplish a goal. i believe that's why the country rallied around us and thought the moment was special because they saw in us, and i've said this before, the kid next door, the neighbor, the kid shoveling snow.
10:41 am
herb brooks called us a lunch pail, hard hat group of guys and we were and that's parts of the reason why america was caught up in and captured and ennam mored with the team. >> miker ruse yoenny, i know you say if that was three inches to the left, you would be painting houses now. i wish you the best of luck and the best of luck to your daughter. >> alina, thank you very much. if anyone wants to get involved with team jansen and bonnie blair, go to www and join our team. >> thank you for joining us. happy new year. coming up, men, take a look at your hands. believe it or not, you may find a clue about your chances of getting prostate cancer. some interesting research findings ahead. ♪ i hate suburbia and the bourgeoi-sie ♪
10:42 am
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by are following some breaking news just into our cnn newsroom. an explosion in a building in the detroit suburb of wayne, michigan. apparently happened at a furniture company. we are waiting for wayne city manager john zek to get on the phone with us. tao for joining us. tell me what is the situation
10:44 am
like right now? >> this morning shortly after 9:00, there was an explosion at frank's furniture. a long-time business in the city of wayne. the roof caved in onto the building. we believe it to be a gas explosion. there are a couple of people still in the building. one has been removed, and taken to the hospital. with injuries. the other two people are working to free at this moment. we've got the assistance of our neighboring cities, which we appreciate very much, fire depps and police departments from our neighboring communities have come to assist us with this incident. mr. zech. tell me again how many people are still trapped inside the building. >> we think two. >> two, okay.
10:45 am
and how serious was the injury of the person who was removed and taken to the hospital? do we know? >> i'm not certain. >> or the nature? is it smoke inhalation, burns, both? >> i don't believe it's the smoke inhalation, but i am not certain. but the one person was freed, and was taken to u of m. was taken to u of m hospital and so -- >> has the area been evacuated? >> the surrounding businesses have been, on that side of the street. there's damage to other businesses from the explosion. pardon me, but the area has been cordoned off by our police department, and we're, you know, controlling as best as we can,
10:46 am
so they can do their work. >> when did this call come in this morning? when did this happen to the best of your knowledge? >> about 9:00, shortly after 9:00. there was a large explosion because it was felt throughout town. >> did you feel it? >> say it again. >> did you feel it or did you hear anything yourself? >> yes, i did. >> what did it sound like to you? >> well, you know, i was about two miles from the scene when i -- and i could feel the explosion. and i thought that like somebody had maybe hit -- had an accident or something. it was like a large thump, and i was two miles from the scene. the people much closer to the scene heard it much stronger. city hall is about four blocks
10:47 am
from the scene, and the people of city hall, where i am now, it was clear, clearly, they knew something serious had occurred. >> well, it must have been something if you felt it two miles away. >> yes. >> what has the response been like? how many bepeople do you have i terms of man power right now? >> as far as the count, i don't know that but we have the assistance of our neighboring cities, both police and fire. westland, garden city, inkster, canton, romulus, and as i understand, the michigan state police have not come to assist. the salvation army is here setting up a post so that food and coffee and that sort of thing can be given to the workers as they work to clear the debris and get control of
10:48 am
the situation. the utilities have been contacted, consumer energy and detroit edison, and, of course, our police and fire are now called in to assist. >> wayne city manager john zech, we thank you for joining us. if you are just joining us on cnn, we are following breaking news. there's been an apparent gas explosion at a furniture company in suburban destroyed, in wayne, michigan, two people apparently still trapped inside the building. one person removed and taken to the hospital. we are back with more news after the break.
10:49 am
10:50 am
for centuries, people have read their hands to find out their fate. now a rather intriguing study from the united kang domestic has found an improbable link between the length of your fingers and prostate cancer risk. it's something about your index and ring finger, right? >> i want you to take a look at your hand. i know you're not a man. i'm aware of that but it will help you and i explain this. look at your ring and your index
10:51 am
finger. >> looking. >> on either side of your middle finger, in some people, the ring finger is longer than the index, and in other the opposite, and in other people about the same. >> my index is longer. >> there you go. that's true for me as well. this is basically not really been interesting to anyone up until recently when people have started to see if there is any kind of a correlation, any kind of a connection between the length of your fingers and the chances of getting certain diseases later in life. what these british researchers found is that with men, and i'm going to show you a picture of a hand that looks like this. with men, when the ring finger is longer than the index finger, they have a higher chance of getting prostate cancer later in life. when the ring finger is longer than the index, a higher chance of getting prostate cancer later in life compared to men with the opposite configuration.
10:52 am
>> so i don't understand how they figured it out, and is there anything you can do if you find out you are at higher risk. >> let's find out about why this may be true. here's what we know about prostate cancer is that men who have higher levels of testosterone in their body have a higher chance of getting prostate cancer. the length of your finger isn't random but has to do with how much testosterone you are exposed to in the woman. little boys who are in the womb, when they are exposed to more testosterone may inherit this bigger than ring finger configuration. to put it simply, lots of testosterone is bad for prostate cancer and also seems to
10:53 am
influence your finger length. that's the here toly. you asked what what you can do about it. it is intriguing and a cocktail party game to compare to other people but when it comes to your health there's no much you can do about it. your finger lengths are what they are, and second of all it doesn't matter. men need to talk to their doctor about what the best prostate cancer screening is for them. >> well, if it encourages kor s screening and maybes men more mindful of whether they are on risk. i don't know why you are in miami. i hope you are in vacation. i i don't know why you are not here in atlanta with me. happy holidays to you. >> happy holidays. coming up -- do americans want president obama's policies to faily we have results of a
10:54 am
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taking plavix alone or with some other medicines, including aspirin, may increase bleeding risk, so tell your doctor when planning surgery. tell your doctor all medicines you take, including aspirin, especially if you've had a stroke. if fever, unexplained weakness or confusion develops, tell your doctor promptly. these may be signs of ttp, a rare but potentially life-threatening condition, reported sometimes less than 2 weeks after starting plavix. other rare but serious side effects may occur. a new cnn poll asks americans if they want president obama's policies to fail. our deputy political director paul steinhauser has the results from a desk. >> brand new poll national numbers, we ask this, do you think the president's policies will fail or succeed. take a look at this 47% in our
10:57 am
new poll think his policies will fail. that's a big difference from a year ago. also, we asked americans about the new congress, is it good that the republicans are in control of the house. they say yes. but will the republicans do a better job than the democrats did in running the house of representatives? look at the top, only 1 in 4 say the republicans will do a better job than the democrats. talking about that new congress, lisa murkowski will make history. she is only the second person to win a senate election as a write-in candidate. she lost the primary to joe miller, but ran as a write-in candidate. he contested the election and lost court battles in the state court and yesterday a federal district court said he is allowing the state to certify murkowski as the winner. >> you squeezed a lot in there
10:58 am
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